JANUARY 13-15, 2020



Leading Through Change, Robyn Benincasa, World Class Teams

Change is the only thing that stays the same. It is our response to that change that dictates our success.

How do the world’s most consistently high performing leaders ALWAYS find a way to get their teammates to the finish line and achieve their goals against all odds? Are they lucky, blessed or immune to setbacks? Nope. Great leaders experience times of great turbulence, challenge and change in every aspect of their lives—but it is their attitude and mindset that carries them and their teammates to greater heights in the FACE of that change.

Leading through Change means Being Ruled by the Hope of Success versus the Fear of Failure, Embracing Setbacks as a Chance to Learn and Excel, and Never Letting the Pursuit of Perfection Hinder Progress. In her Leading Through Change keynote, Robyn shares incredible stories and videos from the worlds of adventure racing and firefighting that illustrate how great leaders succeed against all odds and triumph in the face of adversity.

About Robyn Benincasa: Robyn Benincasa is the founder of World Class Teams, a world champion adventure racer, a CNN Hero, former corporate sales expert and a full-time firefighter who advises organizations on building World Class Teams of their own. One of the highest rated female speakers who regularly shares the stage with world leaders and business icons, her customers include Fortune companies like Starbucks, Deloitte, Aflac, Fast Company, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, ARAMARK, Siemens, 3M, Coldwell Banker, Microsoft, and AT&T.

Panel Presentation: The Omnichannel Supply Chain—Competing in a Brave New World

Panelists: Alice Tillett, CEO, Petmate; Todd Shelton, CEO, Phillips Pet Food & Supplies; Scott Albers, Vice President of Operations, Nor-Am Cold Storage

Today’s consumers expect products to be available when and where they need them and at the lowest possible cost. Pet product manufacturers, distributors and retailers realize that they need to master this omnichannel environment to effectively compete. What are you doing to stay relevant as the supply chain evolves?

Our panelists will offer insights into their challenges and how they are meeting the demands of today’s consumers. They will address these important questions:

  • How has today’s omnichannel environment forced your company to adapt your supply chain strategies?
  • What are you doing to drive cost out of the channel through technology, improved workflow and sourcing? What role will robotics and AI play in the future?
  • What are companies doing to help independent retailers compete in the omni-environment?

Alice Tillett, Petmate CEO and Todd Shelton CEO of Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, bring a wealth of omnichannel knowledge through their leadership at these highly successful organizations.  Scott Albers is Vice President of Operations of Nor-Am Cold Storage, which provides temperature-controlled logistics to pet food manufacturers.

Managing for Growth in an Uncertain Economy, Brian Beaulieu, ITR Economics

The economy is going to be rolling through several different business cycle trends over the next four years. Planning for the changes and adopting the right strategies will be key to maximizing profitability. Brian will look at the leading indicators, financial indicators, and consumer trends to provide a road map through 2023.

About Brian Beaulieu: Back by popular demand, Brian is returning to the Pet Industry Leadership Summit stage with his keen wit and insight. One of the most accurate forecasters of the economic outlook in the USA, Brian Beaulieu has been making economic predictions for the Institute for Trend Research for over thirty years. He takes the best and most accurate business cycle trend analysis and applies it to practical real-world solutions with extraordinary effect.

Mr. Beaulieu’s opinions have been sought by all of the most prestigious news outlets in North America and around the world, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Barron’s, USA Today, CNBC TV, FOX Business TV, Knight Ridder News Services, Reuters, CBS Radio, Kera TV, Canadian TV and many others. He regularly contributes columns and opinions to national trade publications.

Many thousands of business owners and executives have benefited from his 96% accurate economic forecasts over the last 25 years in his presentations and workshops.

Trump, Tech, Trade, Turbulence and the 2020 Election, Rich Karlgaard, Publisher & Futurist, Forbes Media

In May 2016, Forbes Publisher and Futurist Rich Karlgaard keynoted the Columbus, Ohio, 2020 Conference and predicted Donald Trump would win the presidency. Now Karlgaard dons his political-economic lens once more and predicts the 2020 Presidential and U.S. House and Senate races – the likely impact on the U.S. economy and markets.

You will learn:

  • Whether a 3%-plus growth economy is sustainable through 2020 and beyond.
  • What will trigger the next recession and when?
  • Is the stock market poised for a crash, and how will we know one is coming?
  • How far will President Trump take his trade war?
  • Why technology is speeding up and punishing businesses unable to keep up.
  • Will big tech’s disruptors (Amazon, Facebook, and Google) finally be regulated?
  • Which cities and states are best poised for future growth?

About Rich Karlgaard: One of the most influential and respected figures in the technology, economic and business worlds, Rich Karlgaard advises audiences on how to harness an organization’s disruptive spirits to maximize business opportunities in the global marketplace.

Rich is the thought leader that Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and national associations turn to for a reliable roadmap of what’s to come. Drawing from his roles as a Silicon Valley-based publisher, journalist, investor and board director, Rich’s business consultant-like approach helps audiences gain a practical understanding of the events that are changing their world and the imminent disruption ahead. Rich is also a regular panelist on Forbes on Fox, the author of two celebrated business books on healthy organizations, and a past recipient of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award.  Rich equips today’s leaders with timely insights that help them adapt to the era of technological and political disruption and thrive in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

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