January 27-30, 2019
La Cantera Resort & Spa
San Antonio, Texas


PIDA's Executive Conferences* bring manufacturers and distributors together for concentrated, one-on-one sessions.  Use these conferences to evaluate your business relationship with trading partners, plan marketing strategies for the year and discuss new products and promotions.

A total of 25, 15-minute conferences are available spanning 6 ½ hours over two days.  Distributors will be provided with private, draped booths in which to host their conferences.  Appointments are scheduled prior to the conference, so advance planning is essential.

These conferences demand planning and preparation by both parties. The following suggestions will help you have more successful Executive Conferences:

  • Be Flexible. Although executive conferences are 15 minutes in length, feel free to schedule double sessions with key contacts.
  • Schedule early.  Distributors’ schedules fill up quickly!  Manufacturers should begin contacting distributors six to eight weeks prior to the Management Conference to schedule appointments.   To set up your appointments, call or email the distributor contact designated on the attendee list as the Executive Conference scheduler. 
  • Have an agenda. These are not social calls; be prepared to talk about specific aspects of your business relationship. Share the agenda with your appointment representative prior to the conference so that both parties know what to expect.
  • Selling of products is not allowed. These are top-to-top sessions between business owners and key managers. Discuss the prior year’s sales growth, strategic sales and marketing goals and the results of your Performance Benchmarking report card.

Executive Conference appointment schedules fill up early so register for the conference as soon as possible then start scheduling your appointments.  

Download the Executive Conference Scheduler (pdf)

 * SPECIAL NOTE:  The Executive Conference program is an exclusive benefit of PIDA membership.  Only members in good standing are eligible to participate in this program. PIDA Distributors should view the list of current members above when confirming appointments.

If you are not a PIDA member, and would like to participate in the Executive Conference program, contact PIDA at [email protected], or visit the website at www.pida.org, for membership information.

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